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The Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief of the Republic of Slovenia informed, in compliance with a bilateral agreement between Slovenia and Croatia, the National Protection and Rescue Directorate of the Republic of Croatia about the arrival of a potential large flood wave in the Save River Basin and warned of a possibility of catastrophic floods in north-western parts of the Republic of Croatia.

The notification calculates that a maximum flow of 3000m3/s is expected at the Jesenice water measuring station (the automatic measuring station in Croatia), which represents a water level above a 100-year recurrence interval.
Due to poor or non-existent flood control facilities in north-western parts of Croatia the inflow values of the Jesenice might cause major problems and consequences for the town of Velika Gorica and the adjacent villages of Čička Poljana and Ribnica, as well as in the municipalities of Orle, Drenje .čitarjevsko, Lelneno, Strmec Bukevski, Sop Bukevski, Obed, Gornje and Donje Bukevje, Čret Podsavski and Drnek. Serious consequences are not expected in the areas under the competence of the City of Zagreb where flood control facilities are much better (embankments for a 1000-year recurrence interval; outflow canals of Odra and Prevlaka).

The Government of the Republic of Croatia requested international assistance (RfIA) through the Union CP Mechanism during the late evening hours of Thu, 20 March 2014. Pumping capacities, especially high capacity pumps (HCP modules) and flood containment has been requested.

In response to the RfIA disseminated through CECIS on 20 March 2014, the following PS of the Union CP Mechanism offered support from AT (1 HCP module), PL (1 HCP module), BFC (1 HCP module), DE (1 HCP module) and SE (1 Flood Containment module).

BFC Facts:
Place: Croatia (Žagreb)
Time: 18.-27. March 2014
Team: BaltfloodCombat
Team management: Jaanis Otsla (team leader), Henrikas Baldauskas (deputy team leader) ja Kristaps Kolbergs (liaison officer).
Capacity of team: 19 members, 4 trucks, 3 cars (incl 3 pumps)

Video overview of the exercise: