BaltFloodCombat started as a project jointly carried out by the Estonian Rescue Board, Latvian Fire and Rescue Service and Lithuanian Fire and Rescue Department under the Ministry of the Interior within the framework of Preparatory Action on an EU Rapid Response Capability funded by the European Parliament. The European Commission financed 80% of the project; the remaining funds came from national budgets. The aim of the project was to create reliable and efficient national flood response capacity in the three Baltic States and to establish and register in CECIS a multinational High Capacity Pumping (HCP) module, consisting of commonly trained personnel and up-to-date equipment.

BaltFloodCombat was founded in 2009. It is the only multinational active module in EU. It's members are located in three countries - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In case of need, 5 members of each country will gather with equipment and head to a mission together. Logistic support is provided by Estonian Disaster Relief Team (EDRT).

BaltFloodCombat has been in three different missions - in Poland and Moldova 2010 and Bosnia &  Herzegovina in 2014. They have also participated in international exercises. Pumping teams can also provide national help - i.e floods, forest fires.



BaltFloodCombat (High Capacity Pumping Module)


General Information


Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Code/Module type/number


Available time period and self sufficiency

21 days (including travelling)

Number of personnel (during a mission)

19 members (15 HCP; 4 EDRT LOG)

General information on Capacity   



·         Pumping capacity (height difference 0 m):

o   1400 m³/h up to 100 m

o   1000 m³/h up to 1000 m

o   500 m³/h up to 2000 m

o   300 m³/h up to 3000 m

·         Height difference up to 50 meters (reduced capacity)

·         Ability to operate in areas which are not easy accessible

·         Ability to pump 5 percent solid elements and particles with size up to 40 mm

·         Pumping of salt water is possible

·         Pump water up to 40 degrees C

·         Pump over a distance  3000 meters (reduced volume)

·         Pressure Hoses (couplings) are compatible with the following standards:  Storz


Operational information

Transportation possibilities            

By road

Operational readiness on site

3 hours

Number of pumps

·         Medium Pumps: 2 (Godwin CD160)

·         High Capasity Pump: 1 (Godwin CD225)

The area of Pumping operation (m2)

·         4-5 meters (width)

·         6 meters (length)

Totally: 24-30 m2 for each pump