Due to heavy rainfalls and high probability of significant flooding, Poland started on 17.05.2010 to exchange information with the MIC and Participating States on the current flooding situation. The most affected regions were in the Southern part of Poland (Slaskie, Podkarpackie, Opolskie, Swietokrzyskie, Malopolskie), but it has been forecasted that the floods will progressively extend to the central part of the country due to the flow of main rivers. According to information available to the MIC, 9 persons have been killed and some 2000 have been evacuated. On 19.05.2010 at 05:30 Brussels time, Poland has activated the European Civil Protection Mechanism and requested 10 high capacity pumps, min 600m3/hour each in order to complement national response.


A multinational High Capacity Pumping module of Estonia/Latvia/Lithuania (average pumping capacity 1000 m3/h) has been mobilized in the framework of the Preparatory Action on an EU Rapid Response Capability ('BaltFloodCombat' project; grant agreement), which allows the mobilization of this module for the Mechanism interventions at the request of the Commission/MIC. It has been accepted by Poland.

After having received request for deployment from MIC the DGs of 3 project countries conducted internal consultations. As a result, it was decided that LT would become Operation Lead Agency and its representative would become Team Leader (TL). Another team management positions were distributed as follows: DTL – LV, LO – EE. In order to ensure better coordination of preparations and a mission contact points for were appointed in each country, and movement scheme agreed upon. Mobilization in each country was conducted according to national procedures

Altogether, three BFC pumps have worked in Poland 738 hours. Taken into account the minimum module pumping capacity 1000 m3/h, a minimum amount of 246 000 m3 was pumped out.