BaltFloodCombat team stopped pumping in flooded City of Orasje in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Saturday, June 7th. As of today, team is on it's way home.

On Saturday team leader did and assessment in Kopanica City together with local officials. The current situation in the City is stable and water level has dropped significally. Most of the buildings are not flooded. It was concluded that with BFC recources its not possible to work anymore, so the decision to end the mission was made. There was a lot of food reserves which team didn't use because catering was made by Austrian fire brigaade and army. So all the food was donated to two local camps of evacuated people.

Yesterday team decontaminated it's equipment and vehicles with the help of Austrian army and packed all things. After that team was invited to an official dinner with local authorities. Early in the morning today BFC started it's long way back home. Lithuanian and Latvian members will arrive home June 12th, Estonians in the first hours of June 13th.

BFC team pumped in 11 different locations from 22nd of May til 7th of June. In total team pumped approximately 491 000 m3 of water (almost 200 olympic pools of water).

Here's an updated video footage of BFC's missioon to Bosnia and Herzegovina which you can see here: