On December 17th general directors of Estonian Rescue Board, Latvian Fire and Rescue Service and Lithuanian Fire and Rescue Department signed a joint cooperation agreement concerning the future and development of the BaltFloodCombat module.

BaltFloodCombat is a high capacity pumping module, which was founded in 2009. Project was funded by EU projects and national budgets. At the moment there are similarly trained team members and 3 high capacity pumps located in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Team has all the necessary equipment and is ready to react in case of emergency. In case of need, 5 members of each country will gather with equipment and head to a mission together. Medical and logistic support is provided by Estonian Disaster Relief Team (EDRT).      


It is the only multinational active module in EU. BFC has been in three different missions so far - in Poland and Moldova 2010 and Bosnia &  Herzegovina in 2014. They have also participated in international exercises. Pumping teams can also provide national help - i.e floods, forest fires.

Signed agreement regulates the cooperation between rescue services of three countries, development of the module and participation in missions and exercises. It creates an opportunity for smoother cooperation, resource planning and team management between and during the missions.

Agreement was signed by Kuno Tammearu (Estonian Rescue Board), Oskars Abolinš (Latvian Fire and Rescue Service) and Remigijus Baniulis (Lithuanian Fire and Rescue Department)